Swimming pool - François Ozon
The birds - Hitchcock
Examined Life
Un cuento chino
Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo
Death watch
Wild at hearth
True romance
The immigrant
In the mood for love
Moonrise kingdom
The life aquatic
Fahrenheit 451
Soylent Green
Swimming pool
A touch of evil
The trial
El cielo sobre Berlin
Jackie Brown
Strangers on a train - Hitchcock
The future
Searching for Oscar
Call me by your name
Amazona (Clare Weiskopf)
Daisies Vera Chitilova

To see
In a lonely place - Film Noir
They live by night - Film Noir
Kiss me deadly - Film Noir
Vertigo - Hitchcock
Notorious - Hitchcock
Sunset voulevard - Film Noir
Double indemnity - Film Noir
The big sleep - Film Noir
The lady from Shanghai - Film Noir
Out of the past - Film Noir
Detour (1945) - Film Noir
Criss cross - Film Noir
Scarface - Film Noir
The asphalt jungle - Film Noir
The maltese falcon - Film Noir
The african queen
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Misfits
Fat City
The Man Who Would Be King
Key Largo - Film Noir
Stray dog - Film Noir
Blast of silence - Film Noir
The big combo - Film Noir
Dead calm - film soleil
After dark, my sweet - film soleil
The hot spot - film soleil
Delusion (1991) - film soleil
Dark city
Nosferatum - Expressionism
The long goodbye - Film Noir
Sin city - Neo-noir
The usual suspects
L.A. Confidential - Neo-noir

To see
Mulholland drive - Film Noir
Body heat - neo-noir
The last seduction - Film Noir
Blood simple - neo-noir
Inferno (1953) - film soleil
The killers - film soleil
Red rock west - film soleil
The Chase (1946) - Film Noir
Slightly scarlet - Film Noir (color)
Party girl - Film Noir (color)
Leave her to heaven - Film Noir
Niagara - Film Noir
Suspicion - Hitchcock
North by northwest - Hitchcock
Dial M for Murder - Hitchcock
The 39 steps - Hitchcock
Rebecca - Hitchcock
Rear window - Hitchcock
The trouble with harry - Hitchcock
Rope - Hitchcock
Shadow of a doubt - Hitchcock
The lady vanishes - Hitchcock
The man who knew too much - Hitchcock
Spellbound - Hitchcock
Psycho - Hitchcock
Murder by contract - Neo-noir
Until the end of the world - Wim Wenders
The american friend - Wim Wenders
wodaabe: herdsmen of the sun
Particle fever - netflix
Tenebra e
Everything is a remix
Ciudadano Kane - Orson Welles

To see
Blue brothers
El codigo enigma
Holy motors
On the milky road
Diamond flash
Magical girl
Silver city
To be or not to be
El abrazo de la serpiente
The gardener
To have and have not
The wolf of wall street
The dirty ones
The party
In the house
8 women
Young and beautiful
Under the sand
The veredict
Get out
Lady bird
Phantom thread
Three billboards outside ebbing
Paper moon
Blow up
Pasaje al amanecer
Esteban crespo
Los santos inocentes
Tierras de penumbra
Forever chinatown
A ghost story
La region salvaje
Le samourai 1967
Double digits: the story of a neighborhood movie star
Tierra firme
Perfectos desconocidos
Tenebra e
Everything is a remix
Lo que hacemos en las sombras
*Netflix: particle fever (brutal)
Amaltea (educacion sexual)

To see
Young & Beautiful - François Ozon
Black fish
Phantom Thread
Ashes and snow
Good times
L'enfern - Henri George's clouzot

Notre jour viendra
Cahótica Ana

The Quay brothers (short films, institute benjamenta)

Ivan Passer - Iluminación Intima

Andrei Tarkovsky

Hannah and Her Sisters
Scenes from a Mall

American Dream - Barbara Kopple
Harlan County USA - Barbara Kopple
Wild Man Blues - Barbara Kopple
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